Office of the Governor

Office of the Governor, Economic Development & Tourism Division

The Governor's Office of Economic Development and Tourism (EDT) promotes the State of Texas as a leading global business climate and premier travel destination. EDT encourages business expansion and attracts business relocation prospects, with the goal of developing job creation and enhancing export opportunities for the Texas business community. The office is also responsible for the award-winning and highly effective tourism marketing campaign “TEXAS: It’s like a WHOLE OTHER COUNTRY”. The office works in partnership with local convention and visitors bureaus, chambers of commerce, and private organizations to promote economic strength and prosperity in Texas through both domestic and international commerce and tourism.
Under Governor Greg Abbott, the Office of Economic Development and Tourism has been expanded to incorporate the Texas Film Commission, the Texas Music Office, the Governor's Commission for Women and the Workforce Investment Council whose missions all coincide with the mission of EDT. The Texas Film Commission informs filmmakers of the state's complete range of film-related services, locations and full complement of facilities from pre- through postproduction. The Texas Music Office serves as the information clearinghouse and promotion office for the Texas music industry. The Governor's Commission for Women promotes opportunities for Texas women through outreach, education, research and referral services. The Workforce Investment Council works to improve the overall quality of our state's workforce, emphasizing education and training to ensure Texas workers are prepared for the jobs of today and tomorrow. Under the direction of EDT, these initiatives will further the mission of marketing the Lone Star State’s pro-business climate and continue to bring quality jobs to the state, offering employers an unparalleled competitive edge. We invite you to come to Texas, where we’re ready to work with you.

Texas Business Development
The Division of Business Development markets Texas as the world's premier business destination. The division pursues business expansion and relocation prospects, with the goal of developing job creation and export opportunities for Texas.

Department of Strategic Business Development (SBD)
The Strategic Business Development Department serves as the conduit to the project management process. The SBD team identifies and develops both domestic and international investment leads by working with prospective companies who are considering locating or expanding in Texas. The department also serves as a vital contributor to the overall mission of the Business Development Office by leading its comprehensive strategic marketing efforts and initiatives.

Department of Business Assistance (DBA)
The Department of Business Assistance serves the Texas businesses and communities, and houses the Office of Small Business Assistance, Business Permit Office, State of Texas Mexico Office and the Community Relations Division. Its responsibilities include strengthening the competitiveness of Texas' industries by promoting international trade and investment, as well as small business advocacy, entrepreneurial support, business retention and expansion (BRE). The team helps companies navigate the permitting, licensing and regulatory compliance processes, and works with Texas communities and Regional Centers on their EB-5 Immigrant Investor programs.

The office in Mexico City assists Mexican companies seeking to enter the Texas market and Texas companies looking to do business with and in Mexico. The Community Relations Divisions and its team located throughout the state serves as the Governor's Office link to the Texas communities and economic development partners.

Department of Economic Development Finance (EDF)
The Department of Economic Development Finance (EDF) provides globally competitive, cost-effective financial incentives to expanding businesses operating in this state and businesses relocating to this state. The EDF is also charged with ensuring that communities and businesses in Texas have access to capital for economic development purposes. The department administers the following financial incentives: Texas Enterprise Fund, Event Trust Funds, Texas Product/Business Incubator FundTexas Leverage Fund, Texas Industry Development Loan Program, Texas Enterprise Zone Program, Industrial Revenue BondsGovernor’s University Research Initiative, and many more. To view the 2016 Annual Report, click here.

Texas Small Business Advocacy 
The Texas Small Business Advocacy's mission is to promote the State of Texas as the ideal place to start and grow small businesses by identifying and isolating legal and financial barriers for small, medium, and historically underutilized businesses (HUBs); assisting small and medium enterprises with expansion programs, policies, and directives; and developing strategies and outlooks for small business development throughout the Lone Star State.

Research and Economic Analysis Department
The Research and Economic Analysis Department is a vital contributor for the departments within the Economic Development and Tourism Office (EDT), which encompasses all research, geographic information system initiatives (GIS), and Office reporting requirements. The research team is responsible for examining, investigating and forecasting market trends, while also providing economic and demographic data analyses, information on industries and communities for existing and prospective projects in support of Texas business development and marketing efforts.

Aerospace, Aviation, and Defense
The division Aerospace, Aviation, and Defense focuses on maintaining Texas' leadership position by developing business strategies to promote the retention, development, and expansion of aerospace, aviation, and defense businesses in Texas.

Texas Military Preparedness Commission 
Texas Military Preparedness Commission works to preserve, promote, and advance the military mission within Texas while protecting vital military installations within its borders and to encourage defense-related businesses to expand in or relocate to Texas.

Texas Tourism 
Texas Tourism is responsible for the state's award-winning tourism marketing campaign. The division works in partnership with local convention and visitors bureaus, chambers of commerce, and private travel-related organizations to promote economic opportunity and prosperity for Texas through both domestic and international tourism.

Public Relations »
The Public Relations section works proactively with the travel trade industry (tour operators, wholesalers, travel agents, airlines, etc.) and travel media (newspapers, magazines, broadcast, electronic) throughout the United States and top international markets.

Advertising »
The Advertising section manages the state's tourism advertising campaign, driven in domestic markets by the theme: "Texas. It's Like A Whole Other Country." Additional advertising strategies are implemented in international markets.

Travel Research »
Travel Research provides and analyzes information about domestic and international travel behavior and trends which directs and drives the programs and services provided by Texas Tourism.

Texas Film Commission
The Texas Film Commission is your first stop for resources that serve the film, television, commercial, animation, visual effects and video game industries of Texas. Serving the public since 1971, the Texas Film Commission supports our state’s global position as a premier production destination across all media industries. Our industry-savvy staff is ready to connect you to Texas’ diverse locations, experienced workforce, support services, industry organizations and competitive production incentive program.

Texas Music Office
The Texas Music Office serves as the information clearinghouse and promotion office for the Texas music industry. 

Texas Workforce Investment Council 
The Texas Workforce Investment Council (Council) is statutorily responsible for promoting the development of a well-educated, highly skilled workforce for Texas and advocating for an integrated workforce system that provides quality, relevant services that address the needs of Texas businesses and its workers. Established under Texas Government Code, Chapter 2308, the Council assists the Governor and the Legislature with strategic planning for and evaluation of the Texas workforce system. In order to fulfill its responsibilities, the Council has four primary functions: 1) strategic planning; 2) evaluation and performance measurement; 3) research and continuous improvement; and 4) review of state and local workforce plans and reports to ensure alignment with statewide goals and objectives.

The Council also serves as the State Workforce Investment Board under the federal Workforce Investment Act of 1998. Common responsibilities of state boards include:

  • Identifying workforce needs

  • Reviewing services and the use of funds

  • Conducting broad-based planning

  • Developing standards and measures to evaluate workforce programs

The Governor's Commission for Women 
The Governor's Commission for Women promotes and advances the status of women through its research and advocacy activities, education initiatives, referral services, recognition of outstanding Texas women, and professional development training for state employees.