About TexasOne™

TexasOne™ is a program of Texas Economic Development Corporation created for the purpose of marketing and promoting Texas as a premier business location. No tax dollars from the State of Texas fund the TexasOne™ Program. Instead, funds for TexasOne™ come from its members and other donors, and are used for special events, outreach programs, and other marketing and communications programs. These programs are directed at a targeted audience of corporate decision makers and site selectors.

Marketing activities include trade and industry events, business recruitment missions, special events, advertising and public relations, and an interactive web presence. TexasOne™ efforts champion Texas as the premier location for business expansion and relocation and have resulted in a significant number of new jobs, relocations, and expansions benefitting Texas.

Our members represent a broad range of organizations, including Texas-based Fortune 500 companies, privately-held enterprises, city chambers, and community-based economic development councils. They represent all corners of the state, from the major cities to more rural communities, and share a common vision of growth for their communities and for Texas. Texas' economic development and marketing successes are a direct result of the financial contributions, collaborative input and innovative vision of TexasOne™ members. Together, we have created a successful public-private partnership.

In 2013, TexasOne™ members agreed that a priority of the TexasOne™ Program should be to raise money to fund a more robust effort to market Texas and its economic development advantages. Due to the overwhelming member support, TexasOne™ successfully launched a series of commercials in New York, Connecticut, Illinois, Missouri and Maryland that featured Governor Rick Perry and marketed Texas as “Wide Open for Business”.