Support TexasOne™

TexasOne™ is a program of the Texas Economic Development Corporation, a nonprofit, non-partisan, tax exempt, 501(c)(3) corporation managed by a statewide board of directors appointed by Governor Abbott. Download TexasOne Contribution Level and Benefits for corporations and for economic development organizations.

TexasOne Contribution Level and Benefits

Ambassador: $250,000

  • Ambassador level includes all of the Investor benefits
  • Preferred consideration for available opportunity to serve on the TexasOne™ Advisory Board
  • Opportunity to lead Advisory Boards and Committees
  • Exclusive invitations to TexasOne™ events for Ambassador-level and Board of Directors
  • Serve as a Business Ambassador, advising state leaders and interacting with prospects on confidential recruitment and retention projects

Investor: $100,000

  • Investor level includes all of the Executive benefits
  • Invitation for your company/organization’s senior leadership to serve on up to three committees or partnership councils
  • Opportunity to showcase your company/organization in Texas-focused media activities
  • Table sponsor at one Quarterly Contributor Luncheon 

Executive: $50,000

  • Executive level includes all of the Developer benefits
  • Exclusive access to all economic research commissioned by TexasOne™
  • One pair of TexasOne™ Signature Boots
  • Waived participation fees for one representative per organization- Additional participants will receive discounted supporter rate.
  • Opportunity to serve on two of the Partnership Councils
  • Four complimentary tickets to all Quarterly Contributor Luncheons 

Developer: $25,000

  • Developer level includes all of the Entrepreneur benefits
  • Opportunity to participate on the Economic Development Research Partnership Council
  • Recognition in Annual Report and other TexasOne™ marketing tools
  • Invitation to attend all quarterly Board of Director Luncheons and Quarterly Contributor Luncheons (two complimentary tickets) annually 

Entrepreneur: $10,000

  • Entrepreneur level includes all of the Patron benefits
  • Two complimentary tickets to attend the Quarterly Contributor Luncheons and Annual meeting

Patron: $5,000

  • Patron level includes all of the Pioneer benefits
  • Opportunity to participate in site location marketing and lead generation activities
  • NEW Access to a streamlined cloud based customer relationship management system (CRM) for leads 

Pioneer: $1,000

  • Invitation to attend one of the quarterly Board of Directors meetings

TexasOne™ Contribution Level and Benefits

  • Alignment directly with State of Texas promotion initiatives generating conversations with target job creators, site selectors and executives in key domestic and international markets
  • Contributor listing on the TexasOne™ website
  • Sponsorship branding opportunities in various offerings annually
  • Subscription to Just One Thing: News from TexasOne™ E-Alert, the source for the timeliest and most valuable economic development information in a “condensed format” email