Quality of Life



“Texas has been a strong relocation destination for the last decade.”
- Randy Moore
President of All Points Pioneer

Texas’ 146 higher education institutions awarded over 271,000 degrees statewide in 2013-14. The McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas was named the #1 graduate accounting program in the nation and the University of Texas School of Education graduate program was ranked #10. Two of U.S. World & News’ top 5 best high schools are in Texas and six “miracle” (transformative) high schools are in Texas.

Whether you live in a major metro area or in a small town, Texas is a great place to do business and build a home. The state is one of the most business-friendly in the United States, with low taxes, a low cost of housing and a high quality of education. Texas is home to the largest medical center in the nation and the #2 cancer center; 3 of the most affordable cities are in Texas. Four of our cities rank in the top 10 big cities for home ownership; Texas’ six largest cities have a cost of living below the national average of 100.  There are few states that can match the Lone Star State’s current job opportunities, growth and residential quality of life. It’s no wonder Texas continues to reign as the nation's top ‘domestic migration destination’.

From entertainment and arts to music and food, the Texas culture is one of a kind. Though Texas is known for petroleum development and agriculture, we are home to hundreds of barbecue restaurants, wineries, live music venues and museums, and each city has something unique to offer. The Houston Grand Opera, San Antonio’s The Alamo, and the Dallas Museum of Art are just a few examples of Texas’ diversity. Our state capital, Austin, houses one of the largest music festivals in the nation, and the city consistently sits atop Forbes' annual list of the best cities for jobs. It is the third fastest-growing city in the nation, and one of the largest film conferences, South by Southwest, calls Austin home.


Sports rule in Texas, and the state is renowned for its sporting events, with professional teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, Houston Astros, Dallas Mavericks and the San Antonio Spurs. College sports are just as popular in the state, with big teams like the Texas Aggies and Longhorns. Seven pro golf tournaments are held each year, and there are more than 650 courses. Austin hosts the annual Circuit of the Americas (the only F1 competition in America) and Texas Motor Speedway north of Fort Worth runs two NASCAR races each year. Texas fields two Major League Soccer teams and more than 1,000 running events and triathlons.

Texas is an immense state second only to Alaska in size, and boasts more than 90 state parks, 191,000 miles of rivers and streams, 624 miles of coastline and more than 70 working ranches. The Rio Grande Valley is the country’s #1 bird watching perch and lovely Tyler, Texas cultivates America’s largest municipal rose garden.

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